Club Guidelines during the pandemic

Guidelines to follow when attending Club functions:

  • No entry if displaying flu like symptoms
  • Masks are mandatory – they will not be available at the Club
  • Sanitize hands on entering and exiting the building
  • There will be an attendance sheet and screening form for all activities
  • Please follow the arrows for entry and exit
  • Upon entering go directly to your seat. [no mingling or moving around]
  • No more then one person in the bathroom at a time
  • The kitchen is off limits to members except for those operating equipment
  • Once the group is finished members are asked to leave immediately, maintaining physical distance at all times
  • Members of painting groups must sit at their own table
  • Guitar and accessories must be kept by your chair
  • All singing and guitar groups are forward facing
  • Humming is encouraged instead of singing along
  • If singing, at any group, you must bring your own microphone